The Projects

Web design

Dystopian GOV.UK

A dystopian version of the GOV.UK website. It’s coming, Someday.

Screenshot of Dystopian GOV.UK

Work on the Wave project

Working on Wave is a Pet Project of mine, Wave is based on the discontinued Google Wave code, It’s a colabrative communication tool, I like to think of it as Google Docs but for email. However, since it’s open-sourcing (If that’s even a word) it has fallen into a state of inactivity which I have been trying to change, Trying to improve it’s ageing UI and integrate new functionality. If you try it out using the link bellow, My username is lilpete.

Try it out! (This might not work…)

See My Repo

Wave Screenshot

Full Stack

The Simple Standard for Media Markup

This is embarrasing. This was an Idea for a new Markup Language and System for the presentation of Media Content (Mostly News Articles) made in Node.js using XML files. It was meant to be a simple way of creating Media Content that can be displayed on any number of devices. I just created another HTML.

See the Web Renderer repo

See the Document Server repo

A example article output

Android Apps

Emoji Diary

My seccond foray into App development launched in 2017 which allowed you to create a diary using Emojis. I programed it using the Android Studio toolset involiving Java and XML. I used Firebase and Volley libraries alongside it.

See it on Github

Download it on Github

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2

Google Chrome Extensions

Error Resolver

This was my second Google Chrome extension released in 2015. When you encounted an error, like a 404, it asks if you want to visit an archived version on It managed to get 41 users before it was unpublished in 2018 due to it not working on the latest version of Google Chrome. It was programmed using JavaScript.